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JUBIZOL Unixil Finish

superior and long-lasting decorative protection of façade surfaces


An ideal choice for the decorative protection of wall surfaces of all types of buildings, including multi-storey buildings with minimum protruding roofs.

Jubizol Unixil Render Finish


JUBIZOL Unixil Finish S is a premier silicone smooth render finish, specifically designed for residential houses and high multi-storey residential buildings with insulation made of mineral boards/lamellas, EPS, or XPS. It is an ideal solution for exteriors with combined insulation made of EPS and mineral wool (MW), offering vibrant and intense shades even on MW systems. This render provides exceptional durability and aesthetic appeal, making it perfect for projects demanding long-lasting protection and a refined finish.

Main Characteristics

  • Ensures the façade remains protected from moisture and precipitation.

  • Allows the building to breathe, preventing moisture buildup within the walls.

  • Withstands harsh weather conditions, ensuring longevity.

  • Keeps the exterior clean and free from biological growth.

  • Offers extensive options to match any design preference.

  • Exceptionally easy to apply and treat.

Technical Details

  • Consumption:

    • ~ 2.5 kg/m² for 1.5 mm granulation

    • ~ 3.1 kg/m² for 2.0 mm granulation

  • Drying time for resistance to precipitation:

    • ~24 hours​

  • Packaging:

    • Available in 25 kg containers.

Reach out to our team for technical and safety data sheets.

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