Compared to mineral renders, our JUBIZOL decorative renders provide easier application and are a low-maintenance solution. Durable, UV stable and of high quality, these renders come in a vast range of colours.

Render Finishes

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Silicone finish XS 1.5

Silixanised smooth render, perfect for buildings with insulation composed of mineral boards, EPS or XPS. Best choice for exteriors with combined insulation of EPS and MW.

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Trend finish

Siloxanised smooth render finish for exceptional shade durability and long-lasting protection.

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Unixil finish

Siloxanised smooth render finish for winter conditions. A life-saver when temperatures drop and humidity rises. 

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FASSACOUCHE is a lightweight coating made from natural lime, white cement, graded sand, perlite, mineral pigments
and specific additives.

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Unixil finish Winter Formula

Siloxanised decorative render finish, an ideal choice for external wall insulation made of mineral boards/lamellas, EPS or XPS. It achieves a very smooth facade appearance.