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We have all the brands you love at the fairest price to meet your rendering & plastering needs.


Website Product Photo - Cerplast Primer.png

Atlas Ceprlast Primer

Primer that ensures the perfect bonding for renders and facilitates render application and texture forming.

Website Product Photo - Jupol Block.png

Jupol Block

Special stain-blocking primer for internal wall surfaces soiled with household stains.

Website Product Photo - Unigrund.png

JUBIZOL Unigrund

A water-based acrylic prime coat with a low-odour formulation, which can be applied to a variety of substrates. 

Website Product Photo -  Uni-Grunt.png

Atlas Uni-Grunt

Fast-drying, deeply penetrating primer, which decreases and unifies substrate absorptiveness and reinforces absorptive substrates.

Website Product Photo - Jukol primer.png

Jukol Primer

A deep primer that penetrates deep into the substrate to improve its water-repellent features and its adhesion.

Website Product Photo -  Ultragrunt.png

Atlas Ultragrunt

Fast-drying primer for critical substrates e.g. under self-levelling compounds, tile adhesives and on concrete, terrazzo, ceramic tiles and OSB. 

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