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We have all the brands you love at the fairest price to meet your rendering & plastering needs.

Adhesives & Base Coats


JUBIZOL Adhesive

JUBIZOL Adhesive mortar is a premium enriched adhesive, which serves as a base coat in a variety of facade systems with EPS, XPS and MW insulation.

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JUB Mark Pro EPS adhesive

JUB Mark Pro is a cost-effective adhesive mortar for EPS applications.

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FASSA MS 20 is a premixed dry mortar composed of Portland cement and hydrated lime, graded sands and specific
additives to improve workability and adhesion.

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Atlas ZW 330

A fast-setting levelling mortar, which enables filling gaps and cavities as well as levelling other substrate irregularities.

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MAPEI Mapewall GPR

A grey powder composed of cement, selected aggregates and special synthetic resins, which when mixed with water provides a render that is easy to apply on suitably prepared masonry substrates.

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JUB Carbon Base

JUB Carbon Base is a breathable one-coat render suitable for internal and external rendering.

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JUBOLIN P50 Airless Spray Plaster is a quick and easily applied sprayed finish, suitable for a range of backgrounds including plasterboard, concrete, cement render, lime render and more.

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FASSA A96 is used to bond and skim-coat polystyrene panels, Styrodur and Styrofoam, and mineral-wool panels in EWI systems.

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Atlas Putzmortel

Atlas Putzmortel is a traditional cement mortar, suitable for manual or mechanical application.

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JUB Akrinol Supergrip

Special adhesive for smooth and nonabsorbent surfaces where superior grip (ceramic tiles, metal, bitumen glass, latex paint, OSB boards) is required.

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Fibre-reinforced lime/cement base coat plaster with water-repellent properties.

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Atlas Aval KT55

Designed for fixing insulation boards and for the reinforced base coat installation in the external wall insulation.

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Atlas Rapid Ready Mix Plaster

Ready-to-use plaster with a maximum 3 mm coat thickness and is ideal for machine or manual application.

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