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Atlas Silicone Hybrid Render

superior and long-lasting decorative protection of façade surfaces


Atlas Silicone Hybrid Render is an excellent choice for achieving a durable, low-maintenance and visually appealing facade finish.

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Atlas Silicone Hybrid Render is a premium thin-coat acrylic-silicone render designed for creating durable and decorative finishes. This innovative render combines the best properties of acrylic and silicone, offering superior protection and aesthetic appeal for both indoor and outdoor applications. It is ideal for exteriors insulated with EPS or XPS boards and is particularly suited for environments exposed to high levels of dirt and pollution, such as roadsides, industrial zones and urban areas.

Main Characteristics

  • Allows moisture to escape, preventing dampness and enhancing building breathability.

  • Minimises water penetration, keeping the render dry and intact.

  • Maintains a clean appearance by resisting dirt and grime accumulation.

  • Ensures strong bonding to various surfaces, providing a reliable and durable finish.

  • Creates unfavourable conditions for fungi and algae growth due to low water absorption and acid-alkaline reaction.

Technical Details

  • Consumption:​​

    • Average coverage (depending on substrate and render type): approximately 2.5 kg per 1 m²

  • Drying time for resistance to precipitation:

    • ~24 hours​

  • Packaging:

    • Available in 25 kg tubs.

Reach out to our team for technical and safety data sheets.

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