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Atlas Silicone Render

superior and long-lasting decorative protection of façade surfaces


Atlas Silicone Render is the ideal choice for achieving a durable, low-maintenance and visually appealing facade finish.

Atlas Silicone External Render


Atlas Silicone Render is a premium thin-coat silicone render designed to provide a durable and aesthetically pleasing finish to building exteriors. This advanced render is perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications, offering exceptional protection and decoration for facades. It is particularly recommended for use in areas exposed to high levels of precipitation and harsh environmental conditions, such as urban centres, industrial zones and locations near busy roads.

Main Characteristics

  • Resistant to pollution and contamination due to a tight, low-absorbent structure.

  • Self-cleaning during precipitation, reduces the need for maintenance.

  • Forms a dense, clear spotted texture in thicknesses of 1.5 mm or 2.0 mm.

  • BIO PROTECTION prevents fungi and algae growth.

  • Elasticity and strength to resist impacts and cracking.

  • Colour durability is ensured by advanced pigment technology and UV resistance.

  • Available in 400 colours

Technical Details

  • Consumption:​​

    • Plaster with a granulation of up to 1.5 mm:

      • From 2.2 kg/m² when applied by hand

      • From 1.9 kg/m² when applied mechanically

    • Silicone plaster with a granulation of up to 2.0 mm:

      • From 2.8 kg/m² when applied by hand

  • Drying time for resistance to precipitation:

    • ~24 hours​

  • Packaging:

    • Available in 25 kg tubs.

Reach out to our team for technical and safety data sheets.

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