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The Facade Hub Ltd is a building materials merchant with warehouses based in Coventry, Corby, Nottingham and Leicester. We supply customers with external wall insulation and render systems products and accessories. Our range of products includes external renders and paints, base coats, tools and accessories.

We are an approved Trade Centre for JUB, FASSA, Mapei, Atlas and Blue Dolphin products.


Atlas Silicone External Render


A thin-coat rendering solution designed for applying decorative spotted textures for both indoor and outdoor surfaces. It serves as an ideal finishing coat for building insulation installations, particularly with polystyrene, XPS, or mineral wool boards.

JUB Adhesive Mortar Basecoat

JUBIZOL Adhesive Mortar

A premium adhesive mortar designed for fixing insulation boards and implementing basecoats in EWI systems utilising EPS, XPS, and MW insulation. This multipurpose basecoat is microfibre-enriched, offering superior elasticity, low water absorption and excellent water vapour permeability.

JUB Siliconecolor External Paint

JUB Siliconecolor

A silicone external paint renowned for its micro-reinforcement effect, ideal for both smaller and larger buildings where long-lasting protection of the exterior surface is essential. It is particularly suitable for surfaces exposed to increased humidity and is an excellent choice for high-rise buildings.

JUBIZOL Trend External Render


  • Offers superior durability for intense shades, preventing surface overheating.

  • Wide range of intense shades available.

  • Premium binder provides extreme UV resistance.

  • Superior water repellence ensures long-lasting protection.

  • Very good water vapour permeability for optimal breathability.

  • Excellent resistance to atmospheric influences.

  • Long-term resistance to algae and mould.

Colour Matching & Tinting Services

We can provide you with the exact colour you require for your project. 

With our tinting machines at all our locations, we can tint different products within a short lead time, giving you the exact colour you need for your job, when you need it.

If you require any technical assistance, product support and guidance, we are here to help. Get in touch!

Hand Holding Colour Swatches
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