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Quick Guide to External Renders at The Facade Hub

Selecting the right external render involves considerations such as durability, aesthetics, weather resistance and application methods. There are many options out in the market and it can be hard to make a decision you won’t regret. Continue reading and you’ll learn some of the essential knowledge you need to pick the right external render. We’ve also included a product overview for each of the external renders we stock at The Facade Hub to familiarise yourself with some of the available options.

5 Main Things to Consider When Choosing an External Render Product

  1. Environment and Weather Conditions

First off, think about the climate and weather of the building’s location. For areas prone to heavy rainfall and extreme temperatures, go for a render which features superior water repellency and is highly resistant to atmospheric conditions. 

  1. Building Type and Design

The type and design of the building play a big role in choosing the correct materials. When it comes to modern architectural structures, renders based on a more innovative formula and offering more vibrant and intense shades may be preferred. As for traditional buildings, you may benefit from picking a more traditional render option, which reflects a more classic or textured finish.

  1. Durability, Longevity and Certification

Opt for an external render certified by industry expert institutions and has a long-standing warranty for their durability and longevity. This may require some digging at times but it’s always useful to contact manufacturers directly to ensure that the products you’re investing have gone through the required testing to meet quality standards and provide reliable performance.

Commercial building external render

4. Compatibility with Insulation Systems and Components

If the building that you’re installing external render features or will be featuring an EWI system, then you need to make sure they are compatible. Ignoring details like compatibility will affect the performance and longevity of both the insulation system and the external render.

5. Application Methods and Maintenance

When selecting the external render, the most important thing to consider is how the product is optimally applied to ensure the whole installation process is streamlined and remains hassle-free. To be certain you’re aware of the best way to install a specific product, it’s best to reach out to the technical department of the manufacturer or supplier and request a product information sheet, which will give you all the details you need to guarantee your project’s efficiency and success.

Different Types of External Renders Stocked at The Facade Hub

JUB Silicone External Render

The JUB Silicone External Render stands out as a top choice for providing superior and long-lasting decorative protection to exterior surfaces within JUBIZOL EWI systems. Ideal for both residential houses and high-rise residential buildings, this render offers unmatched performance and durability.

Render Features:

  • Superior permanent water repellency

  • Excellent water vapour permeability

  • Resistance to atmospheric influences

  • Long-term protection against algae and mould

  • Reduced adhesion of dust and dirt to the surface

  • Ease of application and treatment

JUB Trend External Render

The JUB Trend External Render is renowned for its vibrant and intense shades, making it a popular choice for modern architectural designs. With extreme UV resistance and long-lasting colour brilliance, this render ensures a stunning finish that withstands the test of time.

Render Features:

  • Vibrant and intense shades

  • Extreme UV resistance

  • Long-lasting colour intensity

  • Superior water repellency

  • Excellent water vapour permeability

  • Ease of application and treatment

Commercial building with external render

JUB Unixil External Render

The JUB Unixil External Render offers versatility and compatibility with various insulation types, making it the go-to solution for a wide range of projects. With vibrant shades and superior water repellency, Unixil ensures both aesthetic appeal and long-term durability.

Render Features:

  • Compatibility with various insulation types

  • Vibrant shades

  • Superior water repellency

  • Excellent water vapour permeability

  • Resistance to atmospheric conditions

  • Effortless application and treatment

JUB Unixil Winter

Ideal for installations in challenging conditions, the JUB Unixil Winter External Render offers exceptional performance and durability. With compatibility with various insulation materials and resistance to harsh weather, Unixil Winter provides long-lasting protection for a building's exterior.

Render Features:

  • Installation in temperatures ranging from +1°C to +15°C and humidity levels of up to 95%

  • Compatibility with various insulation materials

  • Superior water repellency

  • Excellent water vapour permeability

  • Strong resistance to atmospheric conditions

JUB Nano Self-Cleaning External Render

Featuring the latest advancements in nanotechnology, the JUB Nano External Render offers superior decorative protection with self-cleaning properties. With unmatched water repellency and resistance to environmental contaminants, this render ensures a pristine exterior year-round.

Render Features:

  • Self-cleaning effect

  • Superior long-term water repellency

  • Resistance to environmental contaminants

  • Reduced adhesion to dust and dirt

  • Ease of application and treatment

Fassacouche External Render

Enhance the aesthetic and durability of a building's exterior with Fassacouche External Render. Engineered as a semi-lightweight through-coloured render, Fassacouche offers quality and consistency for both new and existing buildings.

Render Features:

  • Semi-lightweight through-coloured render

  • Quality and consistency

  • Homogeneous mix for uniform application

  • Exceptional yield and colour resistance

  • Reliable performance on new and existing buildings

Detached house with external render

Atlas Silicone External Render

Designed for both indoor and outdoor applications, Atlas Silicone External Render offers superior protection and finish. With self-cleaning properties and resistance to environmental contaminants, this render ensures a pristine exterior in challenging environmental conditions.

Render Features:

  • For low-absorbent structures

  • Self-cleaning properties during precipitation

  • Dense spotted texture

  • Bio-protection against fungi and algae growth

  • Elasticity and strength resist impacts and cracking

Atlas Silicone Hybrid External Render

The Atlas Silicone Hybrid External Render offers the perfect blend of acrylic and silicone properties, providing exceptional durability and resistance to environmental challenges. This render ensures long-lasting protection with its vapour-permeable nature and advanced pigment technology.

Render Features:

  • Blend of acrylic and silicone properties

  • Vapour-permeable nature for efficient moisture regulation

  • Low water absorptivity and resistance to dirt

  • Bio-protection against fungi and algae growth

  • Advanced pigment technology for colour durability and UV resistance

Atlas Acrylic External Render

Atlas Acrylic External Render is a versatile solution designed for both indoor and outdoor applications. With low water absorptivity, this render offers durability and a spotless exterior over time. Its excellent bonding to substrates and bio-protection properties make it a reliable choice for various projects.

Render Features:

  • Low water absorptivity 

  • Excellent bonding to substrates

  • Dense and clear spotted texture

  • Bio-protection against fungi and algae growth

  • Enhanced elasticity and strength resist impacts and cracking

Choosing the right external render boils down to finding the balance between budget, durability and longevity. At The Facade Hub, we are proud to offer our customers an extensive range of industry-certified, high-quality renders to meet diverse project specifications. While each product will boast similar features, some may outshine others in terms of how long they’ll last and how much they cost. Our team is here to assist you in making an informed decision, so feel free to reach out.


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